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I have started to develop a tool at the beginning of the year 2017 to help me calculate statistics about the EuroMillions and French LOTO/Super LOTO lotteries.

The first version was written in Perl language (the only programming language I knew) but the more statistics I added, the more computing performance became important. Therefore if I wanted to go further I had to learn a new language, so I started learning the C++ language and I wrote the program all over again.

This will not suprise anyone but obviously the new program goes much much faster, when some calculations could take about two days to execute in Perl, in C++ it takes about 2 hours ! and I probably still have a lot of optimizations to do.

After all this work was done I thought it would be cool to create a website to access all theses statistics and share it with you. So I started to create the website from scratch to learn as much as possible. HTML, Javascript and CSS are my new friends, you will notice that I am not a very good website designer but I will do my best to improve that.

In the meantime if you want to encourage me or if you win the jackpot using my predictions you can always donate with the following link ! 😋


The results of the draws are retrieved from the "Française des Jeux" website and are only indicative.

We can not be held responsible for any errors in the information indicated on the site, its content is offered to you "as is" without any guarantee of accuracy.

Only the results of the draws as published in the "Journal Officiel" are authentic.

Lotostat.eu is an independent website about the EuroMillions and French LOTO/Super LOTO lotteries and is not related to the "Française des Jeux" or any other gaming operator.


Statistics are calculated after each new draw, for now only seven statistics are available (more will come):

EuroMillions: Statistics take into account all draws since 13 February 2004 for numbers and 27 September 2016 for the stars (appearance of the twelfth star).

LOTO/Super LOTO: Statistics take into account all LOTO and Super LOTO draws since 6 October 2008 for numbers and star.


The prediction's system use the different statistics in order to calculate a weight for each number, from which a weight for each possible grid is determined and the grid with the higher weight is selected. Numbers and Stars are treated as separated draws.

To calculate the number's weight, different combinations of statistics can be used, for example we can calculate the weight using a combination of:

"Count + Gap Current" or "Count Recent + Gap Current + Gap Max", etc...

In addition to the different statistics we introduce different coefficients to give more weight to a specific statistic compared to others, at the end it is more than 30000 combinations of statistics which are evaluated.

To determine the best combination of statistics to use, a new statistical analysis is performed on these different combinations. For each combination the weight of all grids are calculated and put in order, then the prediction is evaluated by looking at the position of the winning grid in this ranking.

For now you can choose the right statistic's combination to be used based on custom parameters like the following ones (more will come):